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Dr. Devika Kakkar 

Devika Kakkar is a Project Manager at CGA where she leads the area of Geospatial Data Science and Big Data. She has more than a decade of experience in Geoinformation Science and has been instrumental in building several high-impact geospatial… Daha fazlasını oku »Dr. Devika Kakkar 

Dr. Wendy Guan 

Wendy Guan is the Executive Director of the Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) at Harvard University. She has been managing the CGA’s operation since its establishment in 2006, enabling geospatial technology in research and teaching across Harvard University. She also… Daha fazlasını oku »Dr. Wendy Guan 

Dr. Stefano Iacus 

Dr. Stefano Iacus is a Senior Research Scientist and the Director of Data Science and Product Research at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University. He is also the Managing Director of the open source software called The Dataverse… Daha fazlasını oku »Dr. Stefano Iacus