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Dr. Sapiens Ndatabaye 

    Sapiens Ndatabaye is a highly skilled geospatial analysis specialist with a deep commitment to supporting crisis response efforts worldwide. With a humble and dedicated approach, he has contributed his expertise to designing, automating, and organizing information systems that facilitate efficient decision-making and effective humanitarian responses.

    Throughout his career, Sapiens has actively engaged in numerous crisis situations, including natural disasters and areas affected by conflicts. Notably, he played a pivotal role in developing information systems in response to the volcanic eruption in DR Congo in 2021, earthquakes in Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon in 2023, as well as addressing flooding, droughts, land degradation, and landslides in various West and Central African countries. Additionally, he has worked in countries affected by wars, such as Sudan, DR Congo (again), Rwanda, and the Central African Republic.

    In his current involvement with the project, Sapiens brings forth a clear vision. He firmly believes that with the right information provided to the appropriate beneficiaries and decision-makers, the year 2050 does not have to be worse for Senegal and other Sahelian countries grappling with the impacts of climate change. He understands the critical role that accurate information plays in addressing the challenges posed by climate change in various regions worldwide and is determined to contribute to a comprehensive understanding and efficient mitigation of its impacts.