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Gökçe Ahi

    Gökçe Ahi is a dedicated professional with a comprehensive perspective on EU project management and climate change. Her approach is characterized by a holistic view, emphasizing collaborative and participatory methods in climate policy development, aligned with principles of good governance. She boasts a diverse career across NGOs, both public and private sectors, including Municipalities and Ministries, and has cultivated an extensive global network within the climate community.

    She has organized and moderated sessions on climate adaptation strategies and is a member of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Council Climate Crisis Working Group, contributing to the Climate Action Plan monitoring. 

    Furthermore, Ahi’s international engagement in sustainability, circular economy, water management, good governance, and climate crises equips her with an in-depth understanding of climate policy at both national and international levels. Her affiliation as a Fellow of the Carl Friedrich Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance further demonstrates her dedication to advancing climate resilience and governance.