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Zinnya del Villar is French-Mexican and is an expert in modeling data from different sectors. She has worked as a quantitative analyst in Mexico, performing analysis of economic, financial and political data; as an independent expert data consultant in Mexico and the United States working with genetic and health data; as Chief Data Scientist in France and Mexico, working on mobility data applied to smart cities and supply chain projects; and as a mentor and data expert in the UNDP data innovation clinics in the Eurasia region. Throughout her career, Zinnya has also been a professor of statistics, probability and data science in Mexico (UNAM and ITAM) and in France (ENSAI and University of Rennes). Her work focuses on using data and computational methods to work towards gender and racial equality and equity, poverty, the impact of climate change and other social issues, as well as research on the ethical use of data, the democratization of technology, data literacy and the use of data with a gender perspective. In addition, she has helped improve data literacy and spread the responsible and ethical development, implementation and operation of machine learning systems by participating in meetups, conferences and podcasts for different types of public. She has also engaged in the research of sensitive data such as data on violence against women through the use of new technologies and methodologies. Zinnya has been actively involved in several projects at DPA, playing the role of Project Manager and/or Research Manager, Research Advisor, Lead and Senior Data Scientist, and Technical Advisor. Her most recent involvement has been in the Gender Data 201 Course project, carried out in partnership with Facebook and TechChange, which developed an e-learning course with synchronous and asynchronous activities accessible from anywhere in the world tackling the integration of gender in data, artificial intelligence, and technology.

Zinnya del Villar, a French-Mexican data expert, has diverse experience in quantitative analysis, data consulting, and as a Chief Data Scientist in Mexico and France. Her areas of focus include smart cities, supply chain projects, and addressing social issues using data-driven solutions. She has also been a mentor and educator at esteemed institutions and a significant contributor to ethical use of data and machine learning systems. Zinnya’s latest project involves a partnership with Facebook and TechChange, aiming to integrate gender in data, AI, and technology.