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Seynabou SALL

    Seynabou Sall  is a Data Analyst Engineer, Data Science Consultant and AI Project Manager at IPAR. She graduated from the University of Aix-Marseille with a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, Software Development and Data Analysis. She worked for the Marseille Cancer Research Center in the development of medical applications to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and/or prediction of cancer predisposition genes using supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms for the detection of rare cancer sub-populations. She has also worked as a data analyst in a high throughput sequencing laboratory in Lyon, setting up the complete data management process by implementing an application to monitor the laboratory’s internal and external performance. She works across the entire chain of Big data exploitation and analysis, from data collection to modeling, exploration, visualization and governance.She is also involved in the design, development and implementation of data Intelligence solutions tailored to a need. At IPAR, Seynabou coordinates research projects involving AI, which is becoming a real lever for development in Africa. IPAR is currently conducting research projects focusing on responsible thinking and use of AI, standards and frameworks to guide the development and ethical use of AI, and the production of responsible data.