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Laure Tall is an agroecologist and Research Director at IPAR (Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale), a West African think tank based in Senegal. Prior to that, Laure Tall was a researcher at the Institut Senegalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA) for 7 years. During these years at ISRA, she held the positions of Director of the National Research Laboratory on Plant Production (LNRPV) and co-director of the International Joint Laboratory on Ecological Intensification on Cultivated Soils in West Africa (LMI IESOL). Laure completed her university degrees at the University of Montreal (CANADA). in 2012, on “Microbial transformations of nitrogen in large rivers”. Dr. Laure Tall is now the scientific coordinator of a multidisciplinary team of thirty researchers. Her personnal research focuses on the evaluation of the potential for adaptation to climate change for different practices and cropping systems in West Africa. Laure Tall is particularly interested in the gender dimension of agriculture development in the “leaving no one behind” approach. Recently, she has started with IPAR a reflexion on the role of AI and emerging technologies in the development of African countries with the support of AI4D-Africa. Her goal is to contribute to evidence-based decision making for development in Africa.