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Devika Kakkar is a Project Manager at CGA where she leads the area of Geospatial Data Science and Big Data. She has more than a decade of experience in Geoinformation Science and has been instrumental in building several high-impact geospatial solutions such as KNNP, TSGI, RINX. She is proficient in multiple programming languages, is an experienced user of Cloud Computing and is well-versed in various state-of-art Data Science technologies. Her interest areas include Geospatial Data Science, Big Data, High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning. Before joining CGA in 2017, she worked as a researcher with Fraunhofer IIS, German Research Foundation (DFG) and London School of Economics. She holds a master in Geodesy and Geoinformation Science from Technical University Berlin, Germany and a bachelors in Civil Engineering from HBTI, India.